Brighten Up Your Backyard

Start hosting more cookouts with landscape lighting in Stillwater, OK

Landscape lighting doesn't just make your backyard look prettier. It also makes it safer. M&K Lighting and Technology installs lights in your yard so you don't trip while walking around in the evening. The right lights in the right place can seriously enhance the appearance of your exterior.

Landscape lighting also makes it a lot easier to navigate your yard at night. You won't have to worry about stumbling over stumps, paving stones or shrubs. We'll light your way back to the patio.

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Landscape lighting maintenance keeps everything in good shape

Your landscape lights are constantly exposed to the elements. They can be damaged by wind and rain. They can also be clouded by moisture and dirt. We'll conduct any landscape lighting maintenance you might need. Your landscape lights might have:

  • Wires cut or damaged
  • Bulbs going out
  • Fogged-up glass
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