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You can’t get anything done without the proper lighting. M&K Lighting and Technology has what you need. Stop by our showroom and store to shop for all kinds of lighting fixtures, from the minimalist to the exquisite.
We sell the lighting fixtures you need to:

Brighten up your kitchen | Light up your landscaping | Illuminate your bathroom | Show off your alcoves | Guide your way to the basement

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you think about home lighting

Illuminating your home makes it feel cozier and more personal. It also makes it a lot easier to do daily tasks, like reading or picking out clothes. You can choose the fixtures and lighting settings that suit your family best. We'll help you by offering our expertise when it comes to home lighting. Whether you need replacements or repairs, you can count on us to get the job done.

Looking to build a home? We can help you out by taking care of the lighting layout for any new construction project. We'll also install new lighting fixtures in your construction project or your existing home.

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What makes M&K Lighting and Technology

right for you?

At other lighting stores, you might be able to pick out what you want and bring it home. You won't be able to find educated, helpful people who can install your new lighting fixtures for you. Our full-time lighting staff can help you with maintenance, installations and repairs.

We've been in the lighting business for 20 years. We know what looks good in your home and how to take care of it. In addition to lighting installations and maintenance, we also work on home entertainment systems.